About us

BrainPM Consulting (BrainPM) is a dynamic consulting company located in Ottawa, Ontario. Since its inception we have provided management solutions that address the needs of technology and business based organizations. Our consulting services enable organizations to achieve an industry leadership position in organizational efficiency and management best practices. BrainPM has Canadian and International consulting experience in information technology, telecommunications, computer software development, the financial and government sectors.
BrainPM has planned and delivered several major projects in various areas including information system development and implementation; control system design and implementation; systems integration; new product development and business process improvement. With its professional management, business, engineering, and software development expertise, BrainPM is uniquely positioned to serve a wide variety of organizations and needs by providing a diverse range of services. 

Over the last 18 years, we have provided services to following customers:

Mexico, USA and Canada

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Our expertise in Portfolio, Program and Project Management has been tailored in each assignment to establish the best approach.

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